Rabu, 04 Januari 2017


I need special treatment here!

I lost my quota data 6 gb from 10 gb, like in 4 days!

I'm getting crazy. Is it the real addiction? I hope it's not.

I need something to stroke me hard and get me back to sane.

Somebody would spend his money for fashion shopping or books, or travelling around seeking the new restaurants to fulfill culinary starvation. And i am spending my money to buy quota data!

Why i feel like i'm the most shallow of all? I feel so shallow that the result i get from spending my  money is only apparent satisfaction. Not even a real stuff!

It is a quota data!

I feel like a juvenile just hit puberty and can't control her self.

I feel pathetic.

Kayanya aku harus pergi ke hutan dan hidup enuh penyesalan dan mawas diri.

Life in poverty is hard, life in prosperity is also hard. Because life is just hard.

إن الإنسان خلق هلوعا ...

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