Senin, 05 Maret 2012

Me Come Back (again)


Hello everyone! It's quiet long time since i decided to take a rest from blogging. But i think i miss this. I've been seeing many beautiful blogs so far, and i feel so envy about it! ^_^ And this is the first time i write down a post by English language. I know my English isn't well at all, but i will try to make it better by posting with English.

This is my sister, Naja 5th. She is so adorable and cute all the way she is. But these days she doesn't want to go to school. Well first excuse was, she said he felt sick. Tomorrow when my mom ask her to go to kindergarten, she said she felt tired, third days my mom gotta caught her with no excuse. But she said "I'm bored..." No one can pursue her now.

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