Jumat, 09 Maret 2012

Thank you Allison and Nyunyu.com

Nice afternoon everyoneee....

Thanks a lot to Allison Elizabeth She is a really nice girl, who enable to teach me how to upload a premade template blog and other blogstuffs. You should check out her awsome blog!!

And I just recently visit Nyunyu.com This site is made by national phenomenon tweeter, blogger and author Pocongg from and his friends. This sites contained many fool and geeky things that you can laugh out. Because the featured admins are fooly geek too. Sorry Congg!

The rubric i love the most is #PojokGalau!! It's ridiculously fun and entertaining.
You can email your problem to nyunyu.com, and they will try to give a solution...from unproper problem solver! The answer of your mail could be a taxy driver or a seller.

Sounds crazy, yes it is! You better check it out yourself and have an account in it.
I will continue surfing Into The Blue the internet, to proper my blog design. I'm a newbie blogger!!

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