Sabtu, 10 Maret 2012

Sunday Cooking

Me and my younger sister Naja in the backyard

Yeayyy...its Sunday already everyone. My mom and dad went out early this 
morning. I'm staying at home companying my lovely little sister. She is sick, and all of feel sad of her. 

Because parents are gone, so its time for sister to cook! So... what did i want to cook? Umm... I wan to cook "Sambel Goreng Tempe" which is my favourit Indonesian culinary. My mother tutored me how to mix the seasoning and its really easy. Every woman must've been able to cook this food!

Onion Leaf
Onions, garlic, chilis and ketchup
1. Peeled garlic and onion and slice thinly.
2. Slice the chili thinly too. 
3. Saute onion, garlic and chili on oil on medium heat.
4. Then pour in a soy sauce and little water. Allow it to boil.
5. Put in tempe and onion leaf into it. Mix well!

6. The last put in the salt and sugar to make it tasted.

Then voilaaa....

Hahaha.... maybe it doesn't look really good. I don't know it's because my mobile camera or it just my cook. But the taste is really delicious!! My sisters and brothers even eat more!! Haha...see you next post folks.

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  1. LAPARRRRRRR aku laparrrrrrrr tolong!! melihat postingan ini aku menjadi lapar *lebay sekali

    1. dasar Ale.... masak sendiri sana! :P


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